Friday, November 22, 2013

No time now to review the films I have seen today, so just some passing observations from the street in Amsterdam.

Probably because everyone rides bicycles, the winter coats tend to be very top heavy.  No long coats, which might catch puddle splashes or get caught in the rear tire, but all kinds of byronesque frocks and furs, with elaborate scarves or hoods, that taper to the waist, and only flare out briefly around a bicycle seat.  And big fur or knit caps, when big hair isn't doing the same work to protect against the weather.  Young men have big foreheads with frizzy Einstein fros and women have hair up in wound braids, with complementary colors in the footwear: yellow leather high-healed boots, dark red flange-healed pumps, and so on.  The effect is a bit like the costume of elves, if they were ever depicted in winter.

Just walking a couple blocks is pretty dangerous without enough sleep and jet lagged, because there are speedy trams, cross traffic of bikes and lambretta-like scooters, flotillas of 3 or 4 people almost skipping across the bridges, and even tiny cleaning cars, like those in the movie Brazil.  Its amazing that it all works, there are so many people, but because they all use a sweet bell to signal it all somehow happens without accident.

More later.

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